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Burju Shoes – Stylishly Designed for Enviable Comfort

Every once in a while there comes a time in an industry where a product changes the way it’s perceived.

That is the story of Burju shoes.

Stylish shoes have, for years, been synonymous with sore and aching feet as well as dubious quality.

Burju sets out to turn this perception on its head with its one-of-a-kind collection of stylish yet highly functional and comfortable designer shoes.

Distinguished by high-end construction, tailored patterns and high quality materials, Burju blends a combination of brilliant colors, designs and subtle yet edgy details to create distinctive contrasts and versatility in every shoe.

Styles you can wear on and off the dance floor; every pair engineered with the athletic flexibility of a dancer's shoe that ensures coveted comfort for its wearer!

Designed by Burju Perez, each pair of Burju shoes brims with her creative intuition and her own dance and travel experiences.

A hugely successful dancer herself, Burju was fueled by a passion for bringing runway-stylish yet luxuriously comfortable shoes to the dancing world and this passion led to the launch of Burju in April, 2009.

Burju now offers a range of shoes that can go from the boardroom to the dance floor and also a stunning bridal selection for brides who want to put their best foot forward without the fear of blisters and bites!

Burju has taken the fashion and dance world by storm and is known for high-quality products that pair unbeatable style with unmatchable comfort.

Yes, a combination unheard of till Burju made it possible!